Wednesday, February 19

What the fuc....hell is this? Are we allowed to swear on this?

Wednesday, February 12

Speer and I broke a blow dryer, he almost died it was hilarious
John came to play considering trading in my television for a computer
He's looking out the window

Saturday, February 8

Today's word is: suppurate, (SUHP-yuh-rayt) verb intr.

To produce or secrete pus.

[From Latin suppuratus, past participle of suppurare, from sub- + pur- (pus).]
We went to a lacrosse game yesterday. the toronto team scored many baskets. also, my comic was in the newspaper. what a week of excitement.

Tuesday, February 4

JP finally joined the BLOG! Next up Speer....I should really find something to actually write about on this blog! Chameleon play the SEA MONKEYS tomorrow! Go team! I am so bored. 10 minutes until CLONE HIGH. What a crap ass 9 hour long university day. Ah well, what are you going to do? I can stay home tomorrow...but i have to finish my essay DAMMIT. if i'm not on my way to being done my essay, Dario will come to my house and kill me! he has my drivers license!!!!!!!!
My first visit to the blog. WTF is this shit?

Anyways, see you guys Friday.

Re-read the blog and agreed with my previous statement which stated that john needed a cheap lay..........came up with a movie idea its about a guy with a seroius obsesive compulsive disorder................DETAILS SOON
Watched clone high yesterday it was humerous.....

Saturday, February 1

Dario, JP and Speer came over yesterday and the filming of my first non-crap film started. I hope we finish this film, but I gotta say JP and Speer are damn good actors.
I'm writing my essay. Representations of mythical female characters in poetry. Damn this sucks. I know what to write but it just doesn't happen. I want to get to this point where I have a 2000 word essay and it'll be no big deal at all. That kind of essay-weary university student status. That'd be cool.

Thursday, January 30

I have to pee
Going to go To legends of the game, so speer can but more crap........he's talking about a lot of shit right now......i think he's gonna spend around sixty fucking dollars

-how much did he spend?
Discussed John Caruso and came to the conclusion that he is gay........He has a boring life , i will take him downtown to get laid by a cheap hooker.

The opinions expressed by this poster are not those of the entire blog, however we can neither confirm nor deny any accusations.
Signed John Caruso up for a contest, if everything goes well he will win $300. Then i signed him up for some porno websites
MAsterbated this morning, i got tired, it took to long. However i got the same results regardless

Sunday, January 26

Hello! If you're reading this you've somehow found your way here. Good for you!